Wagyu Feast
Wagyu Feast
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Wagyu Feast

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The Wagyu Feast is the best of the best. In this pack we threw in some household names in the wagyu space including Kobe. Kobe is the most popular and well known of the wagyu brands and prefectures. We are an approved vendor for the Kobe association and have the unique opportunity to sell it to you. Additionally, we have included some Sanuki Olive Fed Wagyu which is quite rare and special as the animal is finished with an olive fed diet. 

We are really excited to release this package as it includes some of the best cuts, farms, and prefectures in the wagyu industry. 

Recommendation: Be prepared to eat like Kings and Queens.

Learn More: Please click here to learn more about Wagyu


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  • 6 pieces of wagyu and wagyu ground beef
  • Breakdown
    • Japanese Kobe - Ribeye - Grade A5 - 16oz
    • Japanese Shiga Ohmi Tenderloin - Grade A5 - 8oz
    • Robbins Island (Australia) - Tri-Tip 2.5lbs
    • Japanese Kyushu - Short Rib - Grade A5 - 16oz
    • Japanese Kyushu - Ribeye - Grade A5 - 16oz
    • Ground Wagyu Beef 2lbs
    • Sanuki Olive Fed - Strip - A5 Grade - 8oz