Wagyu Essential Pack

Wagyu Essential Pack

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Curated by Chef Marc Zimmerman,  GOZU, features a mix of premium Wagyu sourced from Japan, Australia and small American farms. The wagyu essential pack is an upgrade from the sampler pack and includes a mix of filets, offcuts, and other popular prefectures in Japan and farms in Australia. 

We are one of the only distributors that are selling chilled meat (never frozen) to ensure top quality flavoring. The wagyu essential pack is a great box to prepare a couple of meals complimented and highlighted with wagyu. 

Recommendation: Compliment your meal with any of the following cuts. We recommend pairing it with other meat to explore the various levels of acidity and fat. 

Learn More: Please click here to learn more about Wagyu


  • Price includes shipping - products below are subject to change based on availability; weights below are not exact.
  • 4 pieces of Wagyu (grade a5) and ground wagyu (ex. wagyu burgers)
  • Breakdown:
    • Japanese Shiga Ohmi Tenderloin - Grade A5 - 8oz Filet
    • Australian - Robbins Island Tri-tip - 2.5lbs
    • Japanese Kyushu - Short Rib - Grade A5 - 16oz
    • Japanese Kyushu - Ribeye - Grade A5 - 16oz
    • Ground Wagyu 2lb
  • Products are subject to change based on availability; weights are not exact