Cooking Instructions

“My first choice with beef  is the grill (for any of the wagyu cuts for that matter).  Allow the beef to temper. .  Season with salt and pepper on both sides and put on a hot grill.  I like to get as many grill marks as possible, turning frequently.  Most beef (Wagyu in particular) is great medium rare.  It allows the exterior to crisp and the internal fat to soften and incorporate.  Be sure to rest the beef for just a few minutes after cooking and before slicing.

If you don't have a grill or you'd rather stay inside, a cast iron pan is great.  Same technique, medium-high heat (enough to hear the sear when the beef hits the pan) -  sear all sides and allow to rest before slicing.”

Chef Marc Zimmerman -  Chef/Owner of  ittoryu Gozu and Co-Owner of A-Five meats.