What Wine, Vegetable and Dessert Pair Well With Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu beef calls for a simple and delicate touch. It is widely regarded as the pinnacle of luxury dining, with a unique flavor and juicy succulence, unlike any other meat.

When seasoning, a simple dusting of freshly ground black pepper and good quality flaked, kosher or Himalayan salt is perfect. But what about other accompaniments such as wine, vegetables and dessert? 

Let’s take a look at how to serve the extraordinary culinary experience: Wagyu beef, our passion here at A5 Meats. 

Which Wine To Serve With Wagyu Beef?

It’s essential to choose a complimentary wine to serve with Wagyu beef. With a delicate, buttery umami flavor, it could be all too easy to overshadow the star of the show by serving an overpowering wine.

As a red meat, Wagyu beef traditionally calls for red wine, and of course, it has to be of the finest quality. It should be robust and juicy to offset the high fat content of the meat. Nebbiolo, Barolo and Barbaresco are absolutely ideal as well as Cabernet Franc. We generally avoid recommending Cabernet Sauvignon unless it is in the form of a balanced Bordeaux.

Also, a well structured champagne is another wine to pair well with Wagyu Beef.

It is not unheard of for a zingy white wine to appear with Wagyu beef, especially for those who are not keen on deep ruby reds. Any white served with Wagyu must be substantial enough to balance the mouthwatering flavors. It should be zesty and acidic, such as a carefully selected Oaked Chardonnay or even an excellent quality Chablis. 

Which Vegetables Pair Well With Wagyu?

As with all things Wagyu, the best way to approach vegetables is to keep things straightforward. Of course, there is no shame in allowing the Wagyu to speak for itself, serving unaccompanied.  Many prefer to complete the plate with a small selection of vegetables or a side dish.

Finely sliced, sauteed brussels sprouts, lightly wilted spinach, or asparagus work nicely, as do buttered, rich, and earthy mushrooms. Even a slight touch of garlic can work nicely, but approach this particular option with caution - too much can overpower and mask the wonderful Wagyu flavors.

A side salad can add a visually attractive and refreshing pairing, including fresh pea shoots, herbs, and flat leaf parsley. Finishing with a drizzle of high quality olive oil makes a perfect partner without detracting from the luxurious Wagyu mouthfeel and decadent flavors.


Which Dessert Should Be Served After Wagyu Beef?

Suppose after the opulence of Wagyu, a touch of sweet distraction is needed? In that case, a little dessert is in order! It very much depends on personal taste while keeping the rich or zesty approach in mind. A deep, decadent chocolate torte or ganache with sour cherry juice would give a sumptuous finish. Alternatively, a fresh and tangy citrus sorbet to clear the palate can work magnificently.

A good dessert wine or smoky single malt whiskey (aged at least ten years to give a depth of character) comes highly recommended. Complete the experience with a following of single estate, freshly ground coffee. Ethiopian coffee has great fruit tones like blueberry that can go well with a chocolate torte. Serve either in espresso or long Americano form.

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