How To Prepare Wagyu Katsu Sando at Home

Wagyu Katsu Sando incredibly easy to make at home with a little care and attention.

In fact, Wagyu Katsu Sando is often called the most expensive sandwich worldwide! With a great cut from A5 Meats, you’ll feel like a million dollars just arrived on your plate.

Wagyu Katsu Sando uses the finest Wagyu beef, fried and placed between exquisite toasted Japanese milk bread. The result is a lightly crisped bread and crumb coating, followed by the rich, juicy, buttery succulence of Wagyu beef.

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What Are the Ingredients?

The ingredients are simple but should be carefully selected and of premium quality and freshness.

  • Wagyu Sirloin

Wagyu is, of course, the star of the show.  Sirloin (also known as striploin) is an excellent cut for this dish. Rich in flavor, juicy and succulent, sirloin is wonderfully versatile and perfect for Katsu Sando.

  • Panko

Panko consists of coarse breadcrumbs taken from the inner part of a white sandwich loaf. It has a light, fluffy texture, which combines with the egg and flour to form a crisp crumbed coating.

  • Egg

The egg should be fresh and free range. Hen eggs are perfectly acceptable, but a creamy duck egg is also an excellent choice.

  • Flour

Strong white flour is sufficient for this recipe. Sift before use to remove any unnecessary lumps.

  • Sauce

Wagyu Katsu Sando’s sauce gives just the right tangy balance to complement the Wagyu beef’s buttery smoothness. The ingredients are: 

  • Honey and Mustard – wholegrain mustard works best, offsetting the sweetness of the honey. A good Dijon mustard can work just as well.
  • Soy Sauce – A small splash helps add depth of flavor
  • Tomato Sauce – Ketchup will give a sweet zing to the base of the sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce – British Worcestershire sauce is a great option and helps bring spicy warmth
  • Salt and Pepper


  • Shokupan

Shokupan is a milk based Japanese bread, famous for its fluffy texture. It retains its structure instead of falling apart as soon as Wagyu juices start to flow.

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How To Cook Katsu Sando?

1- Warm the sauce ingredients in a pan to take off the chill. Do not boil unless adding a touch of Sake – in which case, boil the Sake briefly first to evaporate the alcohol, remove from the heat, and add the remaining sauce ingredients. Cool slightly before applying to the bread slices.

2- Next, sprinkle the Wagyu with salt and pepper, followed by an all over dusting of flour. Make sure the flour isn’t too thick as it makes for an uneven coating. Be careful not to miss any areas, or the breadcrumbs won’t stick. Coat the seasoned, floured meat in the beaten egg, then roll in the panko. Take care not the ‘squash’ the crumbs into the surface – it’s essential to have a ‘crunch’ to the bite after cooking, before sinking into the soft, silky texture of the Wagyu.

3- Heat oil to around 375 F (190 C) – far hotter than regular deep frying.  The extra heat adds a crisp bite to the breadcrumb coating while retaining the juicy, rare succulence of the Wagyu. Fry for around a minute. Drain immediately and allow to rest. Place the cuts between two slices of lightly toasted Shokupan and serve.

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Image credit: Avery SF Instagram