What Is The Best Way to Store Wagyu Beef in the Fridge?

The best way to store Wagyu beef is keeping in the fridge immediately after delivery for up to 48 hours.

The Wagyu should remain in its original packaging, carefully placed in the refrigerator’s coolest part to preserve optimum freshness levels. This method will keep the Wagyu at its perfect best, ready for preparation.

At A5 Meats, we always ensure our Wagyu is hand selected, packed, and delivered to reach you in excellent condition.

Also, we deliver our Wagyu beef only chilled, never frozen!

Why Should Wagyu Be Delivered Chilled – Not Frozen?

Wagyu beef is safely delivered in temperature-controlled packaging to preserve the freshness while retaining its unique original character. Proper storage is a critical stage in the process. To give the best dining experience, Wagyu should be prepared and served within 48 hours of arrival. Prepare and serve the meat as soon as possible once delivered.

Freezing Wagyu can be risky and is therefore highly discouraged. The formation of ice crystals between the flesh’s fibers can cause damage. This degree of risk is particularly prevalent when dealing with a meat such as Wagyu, which has a fine webbing of fat throughout. Also, there is the risk of freezer burn and discoloration, which is easily avoided by enjoying Wagyu at its freshest.

The pinnacle of luxury meats deserves care and attention in its treatment and storage to provide diners with an unforgettable experience – for all the right reasons! The steps to preserving this perfection are straightforward yet crucial.

Why Should Wagyu Be Stored In Its Original Packaging?

Keeping Wagyu beef in its original packaging means it will not be disturbed or exposed to excess oxygen unnecessarily. The specially developed packaging serves to protect the meat from damage while in transit and upon safe arrival at its destination 

Another factor to bear in mind is cross contamination. Keeping Wagyu in its packaging means it is protected from contamination by other foods stored nearby - even if they have intense flavors or aromas. Wagyu’s exquisite taste is at its best in its original and purest form, without any unwanted interruptions to spoil the experience.


When Should Wagyu Be Removed From the Fridge Before Cooking?

The best time to take Wagyu out of the fridge before cooking is around an hour. Leave the meat in its packaging, placing it in a cool area to rest, and leave to gradually return to a temperature closer to that of the room than cold storage.

This slow change allows the meat fibers to ‘relax’ and helps prevent the meat from contracting as soon as it is placed in a hot pan. This contraction can produce an effect akin to compression, blocking the even distribution of flavors through the flesh).

As mentioned earlier, the meat can occasionally take on a slightly darker hue when removed from the packaging before preparation. The reason for this is oxygen exposure and is perfectly natural. The flesh’s surface will return to its fascinating pink pearl luster as it slowly reaches a more ambient temperature, closer to that of the room, before cooking.

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